About Me

Ariane Yury Ribeiro

Portrait of Makeup Artist Ariane Yury Ribeiro

Being half Japanese, I grew up in Brazil until the age of 14 where I dreamed of pursuing a career in the fashion world.

I spent much of my childhood in beauty salons where my mother worked at the time. Fascinated by this world, I eagerly helped out in the salon. 

Then I came to Austria. This country and its culture was a whole new world to me. I barely spoke German at the time. One way to express myself was art. I soon started taking painting lessons and discovered my passion for visual arts. Art became my favorite subject in school. Unable to communicate effectively, I discovered the strength of images and so I brought the faces and bodies in my drawings to life.

Fast forward to 2016: I'm combining my passions for beauty and visual art and get to be creative as a makeup artist. Currently, I work out of Vienna, Austria but I'm available worldwide.

You can check out my portfolio here. Also, feel free to get in touch.

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