About Me

Ariane Yury Ribeiro

My Story

Being half Japanese, I grew up in Brazil until the age of 14 where I dreamed of pursuing a career in the fashion world.

I spent much of my childhood in beauty salons where my mother worked at the time. Fascinated by this world, I eagerly helped out in the salon. 

Then I came to Austria. This country and its culture was a whole new world to me. I barely spoke German at the time. One way to express myself was art. I soon started taking painting lessons and discovered my passion for visual arts. Art became my favorite subject in school. 

Unable to communicate effectively, I discovered the strength of images and so I brought the faces and bodies in my drawings to life. Visual creativity has always been very important to me, be it in my home, when painting, or in my photography.

Today, I am a visual artist specializing in Make-Up. I also love to share my knowledge with others.

Have a look at selected pieces of my work here:

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